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I enjoy speaking to audiences of all sizes and am eager to share my knowledge of labor and employment law matters with appropriate groups. I have spoken at national, state, and local conferences and events regarding many legal issues.

Here are some of my recent presentation topics. Let me know if you would like to discuss a presentation for your business or association.

“Scott Horton – loved how he spoke, could listen to him all day!”

~ Anonymous 2017 conference attendee

Representative Presentations:

• “Current Changes and Directions in Labor and Employment”

• “Critical Issues for New York Employers”

• “White Collar Exemptions – Understanding and Preparing for Changes to the Salary Level Test”

• “Dazed and Confused: Tackling Drug and Alcohol Issues in the Workplace”

• “Workplace Violence: Preventing and Responding to the Unthinkable”

• “Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Managing Employees”

• “Can You Control Your Online Reputation?”

• “Effective Preparation for and Representation of Clients in Employment Discrimination Mediation”

• “NLRB Update: New Rules and Continued Expansion of Employee Rights”

• “The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace: Legal Perspective”

• “Background Checks: Critical Legal Updates and Reminders for All Employers”

• “Employment Law Issues for Non-Employment Lawyers: Contract Provisions and Employment Law Implications”


Call (716-508-7748) or email me to discuss possible speaking opportunities.