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WARN Webinar Recap

Don’t Forget To WARN (Webinar Recap)

On January 23, 2019, I presented a complimentary webinar called “Don’t Forget to WARN.” For those who couldn’t attend the live webinar, I’m happy to make it available for you to watch at your convenience.

In the webinar, I discuss:

  • New York and Federal WARN Acts
  • Plant Closings vs. Mass Layoffs
  • Notice Timing, Contents, and Recipients
  • Nuances, Exceptions, and Penalties

Employers preparing to layoff or terminate sufficiently large numbers of employers usually must issue written notices in advance. The New York WARN Act is even more burdensome and restrictive than the federal law. In some cases, New York employers must comply with both. Many other states also have their own similar laws.

Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar right now? Click here to download the slides from the webinar.

Why You Should Watch “Don’t Forget To WARN”

The New York State WARN Act applies to private companies with at least 50 employees in New York. Covered employers might have to issue notices at least 90 days before laying off or terminating 25 or more employees, depending on the circumstances. Some exceptions apply.

These laws are very complex, with many nuances and gray areas. Here are some questions we’ll answer:

  • When do we have to give notice?
  • What information must the notices contain?
  • Do part-time employees count?
  • How much does it cost if we don’t comply?
  • What if I’m selling or buying a business?

Although you’ll ultimately want to work with an experienced employment lawyer to determine your WARN compliance obligations, this webinar will get you oriented to know when you might have a notice obligation.

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