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Spring 2019 Employment Law Update

Spring 2019 Employment Law Update (Webinar Recap)

On April 18, 2019, I presented a complimentary webinar called “Spring 2019 Employment Law Update.” For those who couldn’t attend the live webinar, I’m happy to make it available for you to watch at your convenience.

In the webinar, I discuss:

  • EEO-1 Filing Status
  • Proposed FLSA Regulations
  • NY GENDA & Voting Leave
  • Other New York State & Local Laws

This is a broad update for all employers with employees in New York State. It addresses some things that have already changed, some pending regulatory proposals, and other possible future legal developments. One or more of the issues discussed would likely affect every employer in New York State. Some organizations may have to deal with every issue I covered in this webinar.

Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar right now? Click here to download the slides from the webinar.

Why You Should Watch “Spring 2019 Employment Law Update”

There is something for every New York organization in this webinar. Whether you are a small business, large corporation, non-profit organization, or governmental entity, one or more of these developments will affect your employees. Be prepared for upcoming changes and review new laws that are already in place.

Here are just a few of the takeaways from this legal update webinar:

  • Employers with 100+ employees will probably have to report pay data on this year’s EEO-1 reports.
  • FLSA salary level for exemptions will likely go up later this year.
  • Many more New York employees are now eligible for paid leave from work to vote in public elections.
  • Paid sick leave and bans on inquiring about applicant salary history could be coming to your workplace.

These are just a few of the details we addressed in much more detail in this one-hour webinar. Watching the recording at your earliest convenience should pay dividends to your organization.

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