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The Law of Telecommuting

The Law of Telecommuting (Webinar Recap)

On December 13, 2018, I presented a complimentary webinar called “The Law of Telecommuting.” For those who couldn’t attend the live webinar, I’m happy to make it available for you to watch at your convenience.

In the webinar, I discuss:

  • Telecommuting Trends and Statistics
  • Legal Concerns Related to Telecommuting
  • Telecommuting Policies and Agreements

The webinar goes over 10 different legal areas ranging from timekeeping and overtime to safety, security, and union issues.

Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar right now? Click here to download the slides from the webinar.

Why You Should Watch “The Law of Telecommuting”

Telecommuting continues to grow in the United States. Many employees prefer the flexibility working from home affords. And some employers recognize cost savings by having employees work remotely.

This webinar describes some workforce trends related to telecommuting and then points out a number of legal issues that can arise. These include:

  • Timekeeping
  • Meal Periods
  • Overtime
  • Time Off
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Discrimination
  • Confidentiality
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Unions

If you already have employees who work from home, this webinar will help you improve your compliance. And if you are considering whether to allow employees to telecommute, you’re in the right place too!

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